The Root Chakra – Mulhadhara

This latest blog continues the theme of chakras. The root chakra is located at the base of your spine, at the coccyx, (between the anus and the genitals). It is linked to our basic survival instincts and influences things such as eating, drinking, emotional security, money and work.

images-3When the root chakra is healthy you will feel grounded wherever you are or whatever you may be doing. You feel secure and rooted in the present and there is very little that can upset you in a fundamental way.  Your roots are strong.

The root chakra governs the following emotions; stamina, motivation, self-confidence, purpose, passion and excitement.  It creates and stimulates our feelings about ourselves, the world we live in, our right to exist, and our primal feelings such as guilt, terror, rage, joy and shame.

imagesThe colour associated with this chakra is red and when it is balanced should rotate the slowest of all your chakras and sparkle like a brilliant ruby.  I give this description so that later on, if you feel you need to redress an imbalance with your root chakra, you can use positive visualisation during your meditation, or similar methods, to help you heal. To do this just picture a beautiful ruby like orb that glows and is healed, emanating sparkling red and white tones into the body.

xroot-chakra.png.pagespeed.ic.PpxuUAxBx8It is connected to the Earth, giving you the energy to survive and is quite simply the root of our Earthly existence, the foundation of our physicality.

Life experiences can easily cause an imbalance in the root chakra. Misfortune, illness, loss of a loved one and the associated security they brought to your life, emotionally or financially, can cause devastation and an imbalance that can seed a negative outlook on life.

Image from – The Biology of the Body explore for further reading on chakra balancing.

Indicative factors that demonstrate imbalances in your root chakra  can be ascertained by asking yourself the following questions:6c84a55bb3403d3361bdaa901be6eae7--chakra-system-jenga

  • Do you feel grounded and in touch with your physical needs, such as stopping a chore or job when you are tired and paying attention to your health, or do you neglect yourself?
  • Are your thoughts words and actions mostly negative? Do you often criticise yourself or others, or expect the worst outcome in any scenario?
  • Do you value your loved ones and make time for them – not social media time – real time in real life on a regular basis?
  • Do you find it hard to make decisions or procrastinate or worry about what others will think of you?
  • Do you find it hard to make time for your own interests or hobbies?

Physical symptoms associated with the imbalance of the root chakra can be (this is not a definitive list):

  • Pain or discomfort in your lower body with no specific physical reason, such as in your legs, feet, knees or lower back
  • Rigid ways of thinking or OCD
  • Depression or low moods
  • Bowel problems or constipation, or issues getting rid of waste.

img_5098We are fundamentally spiritual beings. Our very existence is based in energy, (see my previous article The Heart Chakra for more on our Human Energy System). When you encounter any new person or situation, your energy will always precede you broadcasting in ways we are often unaware of. In the simplest terms, before uttering a word you have already brought your energy to the party!

Balancing your chakras is so fundamental to raising awareness of your energy and having harmony in your life. Understanding and nurturing the symbiotic relationship that is essential between mind, body and spirit will invariably result in you living a peace- filled and far happier life.

images-4So ways to heal and balance your root chakra are always two-fold:  First we need to clear and release negative thoughts and energies from our etheric chords. Secondly we need to balance and harmonise our chakras so they are of a similar size and functioning in harmony together to allow flow of energy.

  • Meditation Below is a link to a beautiful meditation  by Greg de Vries, which is focused on the root chakra. The whole album is available from iTunes or similar stores for you to purchase if you feel so inclined. I highly recommend it.
    Guided Chakra Balancing Meditation
    A very effective guided meditation available for purchase from iTunes.

  • Listen to tones in the key of C or chant the mantra LAM (LLLL-AAAA-HH-MMM). Choose a comfortable position and chant whilst touching the index finger tip and thumb together. The focus for the root chakra is always “I am safe” so repeating these words in your mind or aloud is very effective when healing or balancing our chakras.
  • Detox your body, to eliminate any build up of waste products as remember mind body and spirit are closely linked.
  • Walk or spend time in nature. Any time spent in the arms of Mother Earth is always healing.
  • 1200-1-root-stones-wanda-virgo-2Use or carry crystals such as garnet, bloodstone, ruby, red jasper, black tourmaline, smoky quartz or obsidian to harness and use the natural channels of energy they contain and create.
  • Practise mindfulness techniques to bring your thoughts and energies back to the present moment, for in truth this is all we actually have. The future is promised to none, so why worry about it. Live in the present knowing that this day you are fed, clothed and alive 🙏🏽.
  • Use positive visualisation techniques. This is particularly powerful when combined with meditation. Visualise the negative energies soaking away into Mother Earth whilst golden light flows though you, healing and replenishing your body and balancing your chakras.

imagesCombining several or all of the above methods will benefit you greatly and will ultimately lead to life becoming more centred and peace filled for you.  Your relationships will become more fulfilling and harmonious, in fact you will find that your whole quality of life will improve.

Thank you for reading my ramblings.

In humility I wish you much joy and success in creating harmony and true balance within your mind body and spirit. Remember we are all a work in progress, we live, we learn & we grow.

Peace & light to you 🙏🏽🌟 )0(



The heart Chakra – Anahata – Unbroken

To begin, allow me to very briefly explain the many layers of our bodies.  Our physicality  is but one aspect of what forms a complete sentient being:

  • Etheric Body – is closest to the physical body and damage to this can result in images-5physical illness.
  • Emotional Body – is connected to our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Too much negativity, from yourself, or others around you, will cause damage here.
  • Mental Body – this is our logical self, where we debate, rationalise and discuss.
  • Astral Body – this is a shimmering beautiful layer made up of a bio magnetic energy field. In order to keep it grounded it needs to be connected to the physical body, however it is possible to ‘astral project’ or travel when you’re in a relaxed, calm state, or can be guided during hypnosis or with the use of certain drugs or during REM sleep.
  • Etheric Temple – this is the connection to our spirit or higher selves. It is the home of intuition, emotions and feelings linked to intuition.
  • Causal Body – our spiritual essence and higher self resides here. It holds the key to our true identity and accumulated knowledge through every lifetime.

Energy flows through our bodies via Nadis (Sanskrit word meaning riverbed). There are approximately 72,000 within us. Where these energy lines cross or converge we have the formation of a Chakra. Incidentally, there are many more chakra points in our body, but for now I want to focus on the seven main ones located along our spine. The study of energy, this planet – our great Mother Earth – and the human body is truly fascinating! We really are like microcosms of the planet we live on, (see my previous article on Stonehenge and the convergence of ley lines).

UnknownThe heart is the fourth chakra and the first major chakra I intend to write about. The reason for this is that it is central to balancing ourselves; mind, body and soul. It is also quite literally in the centre of our chakras, with three below and three above. It is the link between the physical (the world of matter) and spiritual (world of spirit), the higher and the lower. The colours of our chakra points range from warm colours lower down; red, orange yellow, to cooler colours higher up; green, blue, indigo & white. The colour of the heart chakra is green and when balanced should spin and sparkle like an emerald jewel.images-2

Anahata is the Sanskrit name for the fourth chakra and means unhurt, unbroken or the ‘unstruck chord’. It is the place of opening and the gateway between that which is physical and that which is spirit. Love, dedication, unification & self realisation are the key aspects of this chakra.

Ideally, in our lives we would all have had healthy childhoods where we build a well-rounded understanding of relationships and learn to love ourselves. However if this process has not been allowed to naturally occur, then the ability to give & take in a cyclical way and be open in relationships becomes stunted. In some cases we might find ourselves unable to accept or give love to ourselves or others in a wholesome way.

Image from –

The heart chakra is so central to our wellbeing. We have all heard of cases where people literally die of a broken heart, for instance, after losing a loved life-long partner.  However there are also many more emotional & physical manifestations resulting from an imbalance in our heart energy:

  • Feeling unworthy; an underlying, yet overriding self-doubt that infiltrates all aspects of our life, causing us to feel that we don’t deserve love or to have our dreams fulfilled.
  • Low self esteem;  easily manipulated or easily influenced by others.
  • Manipulating others; any form of this is essentially attempting to hijack another’s    energy to boost your own, (putting others down to build yourself up).
  • Fear of being seen; in an emotional/spiritual or any real way. Think of the movie Avatar, when Neytiri says to Jake “I see you.” It is a truly beautiful statement as she sees his soul and loves him. It is the ultimate gift to ‘see’ the person you love. If the heart chakra is blocked then we do not see and do not wish to be seen.
  • Inability to release negative emotions; holding onto sadness, depression,  or reliving difficult experiences, being unable to move away or distance yourself from these feelings.
  • Physical manifestations; Asthma, lung disease, heart disease, anxiety and panic disorders, respiratory problems, and so on are potentially some of the physical manifestations of a blocked heart chakra.

images-12Our chakras should flow with energy both ascending and descending in our bodies. With the heart chakra, as it is the link between physical and spiritual, a blocked heart chakra can prevent the flow of energy and negatively impact all aspects of our mind body & spirit.

When the heart chakra is balanced and flowing you will:

  • be filled with gratitude2a2c3b980e482cac3c8707eca3d6a29f
  • be willing to help others
  • be willing to meet others
  • experience balance & harmony
  • have inner peace
  • love yourself
  • be able to release heart-related emotions (negative ones)
  • accept growth and new beginnings

So the heart chakra is pretty fundamental to energy flow throughout our bodies. Hopefully reading this blog will help you to recognise any imbalances you may have and of course, becoming aware of blockages in your energy flow is half the battle to releasing any underlying issues.

So how do we unblock our chakras? Most techniques use meditation and visualisation. Below is a great audio guidance meditation for you to try. 😊

Guided Chakra Balancing Meditation
A very effective guided meditation available for purchase from iTunes.

Most chakra cleansing is a 2 step process:

  • Clearing – release negative thoughts and etheric chords from our chakras.
  • Balancing – enlarging or reducing your chakras so they are all of a similar size.

UnknownIn harmony all of the seven main chakras should be of a similar size, as no one area would be given more or less energy, quite simply because when we function in harmony with our minds, bodies and spirit every aspect should receive equal but varied attention. Take for instance the sacral chakra, if this is enlarged/shrunk or unbalanced there may be too much emphasis on gratification; gluttony, sexual appetites etc. When we are in harmony we can enjoy all aspects of humanity, sexuality, feeding our bodies, feeding our mind,  listening to your inner voice and spending time focussed on spirit.

As well as meditation and visualisation, you might use positive affirmations or mantras. A simple one for the heart chakra is to say “I am love.” You are literally affirming that you are the embodiment of love, you hold it in your heart chakra and are open to giving and receiving it. Simple yet effective.

IMG_5113If you are religious you might like to affirm that “Everything is in divine and perfect order.” This may help you to release hurt from previous relationships and to let go and move forward, safe in the knowledge that everything happens for a reason and that there are no coincidences. Every person that enters your life has been drawn to you, your energy and your path. In the end, during all our encounters with fellow sentient beings, we win (emotionally) or we learn.

Another method for clearing your chakras would be to use any or all of the following;

  • Crystals – with the heart chakra green or pink crystals are best; Green Jasper, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Green and Pink Tourmaline, Green Jade or Green Adventurine. Crystals have energy of their own, they can also block, absorb or amplify energy.
  • Essential oilsRose oil, Sandalwood (healing, grounding and sensual), Amyris (from a tropical evergreen tree smells like a blend of sandalwood and vanilla), Cedar wood (calming, eases anger and gives mental clarity), Jasmine (heightens passion & love), or any form of flower essence will work too, (rose water etc).
  • Angelic guidance – mostly through meditation or simply anytime call upon your angels, they will always help you.
  • Shamanic journey – you will need the help of a reputable Sharman (not all are reputable, though most are high energy and enlightened people, please bear that in mind).
  • Healing and cleansing spells (seek the help of a reputable witch – yes I am one 😉, I only practise light magick, but not all witches work in the same way).
  • Spending more time in nature – this is particularly effective if you are often exposed to negative people for long periods of time, such as at work.Earthing
  • Regressive hypnotherapy – to release you from any issues you have carried with you into this lifetime.
  • Forgiveness of past hurts (even those carried from previous lifetimes). This is not to say that what the person did was acceptable or that they were right and you were wrong, it is simply to give yourself release and find peace, to unburden yourself by throwing off the emotional dead weight you carry around.
  • Exercising – any kind of movement that increases your oxygen flow is great. Walking in a ‘power centre’ such as near water, a forest, or especially in an energy nexus like Stonehenge or Sedona (Arizona), will have a strong impact on opening and healing your blocked chakras. Remember a lot of churches were built on energy nexus’ and are often very peaceful places to meditate.
  • Eating the right food – everything we eat or drink contains life force energy (or not). Consuming for instance, the flesh of an animal that was killed inhumanely will adversely affect your chakras, as we absorb the animals pain. Eating foods that contain more life force will heal and create harmony within, resulting in clean glowing chakras. Often those, like myself, who are on a spiritual journey will naturally move away from consuming food that has little or even negative life force, (processed, frozen or dried food contains no life force).
Foods high or low in life force energy
This table is a simple guide to foods high or low in life force. I am not saying only consume one type (as I love rum and tequila), but moderation & increasing the quantity of life force giving food will help a lot. Also cruelty to any life form is unacceptable and we should all try to vote with our feet on this issue!

This is not a definitive list, there are other options you can employ as we are all so varied in lifestyle and culture. Therefore a method that works well for you may not work at all for another.

If you have had a lifetime of unbalance with one or any or the above list of issues pertaining to your heart chakra, such as feeling unworthy, suffering from anxiety and so on, these things can be redressed and eventually harmonised. One thing to bear in mind is that life-long & embedded issues will take time to resolve.

7237896Always remember every journey begins with a single step.  Discovering and developing an awareness of your energy and the way your chakras function is a marvellous journey and one you will never regret embarking on.

I hope this article has been of some use to you, I know it is very heavy on information, but I wanted it to be a useful article that gives real techniques to help balance your chakras and aid you on your journey to a happier, stress free & more fulfilled life.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings.

My next blog covers the Root chakra.

As always in humility I wish you peace and enlightenment upon your path my friends. 🙏🏽ૐ🌟 )0(

Stonehenge: Energy, Magick & Mysticism

IMG_3161There have been many spiritual questions about Stonehenge over the centuries, questions that archaeologists simply cannot find an answer to. They have dug up and discovered human remains, for it has for many thousands of years been used as a cemetery as well as a place of worship and ritual. The giant blue stones that were, allegedly, transported from the Preseli Hills in Wales have, according to legend, healing properties and therefore are a fitting way to mark a temple that was also used as a cemetery.

My latest blog explores the mystery and mysticism of Stonehenge, from the vast history of the site, which dates back nearly 10,000 years, to strange disappearances, Stargate theories and finally, my own spiritual experience of the site, first hand.

Stonehenge is, in all probability, the most important temple in Britain. It has an incredibly long history, with Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) posts being erected close to the site as far back as 8,500 BC.  Pottery pieces and artefacts, that have been recovered from excavations, date back to 4,000 BC.

IMG_2222The surrounding area was a natural provider of food and shelter which caused people to settle there. However it is important to note that there is no evidence of houses or villages ever having been built on the immediate surrounding  landscape, which is vast and openly visible upon approach from any direction. Why? What is it about this beautiful, powerful land that draws humans in droves to visit it, but historically repelled people from settling and actually building their homes in the area? Could it be that the strength and intensity of the energy contained within, combined with the sacredness of the land, naturally deterred people from inhabiting it?

A Henge by definition refers to earthwork from the Neolithic (New Stone Age) era. Stonehenge is an atypical henge, as the ditch is outside the main earth work, which further adds to the importance, mystery and uniqueness of the site.

Ley linesStonehenge is a quintessentially prime example of an ancient sacred site. It is positioned at the convergent point of no less than 14 Ley lines. Ley lines can be discovered by drawing lines from one ancient sacred site to another.  Many ancient sacred sites were usurped by the Christians and now have churches built on them, but regardless of the building or it’s purpose above ground, the energy within the ground remains the same.

IMG_2128My first visit to Stonehenge was in February this year. It was a typically cold and blustery British winter’s day. The energy of Stonehenge, as I approached, was palpable, and indeed as I neared the centre of the site and the circle of stones, I felt a distinct pressure on my chest and a sensation of feeling ‘charged’ – almost like feeling buzzed and full of energy. It was not a painful sensation, but it was rather intense.  I spent much time walking around in silent meditation whilst becoming comfortable with the sensations the spirits were bestowing upon me.

The second remarkable observation I made was that in certain places the ground felt – to me – almost warm, and I had the strangest desire to lie upon Mother Earth and soak up her energy. The convergence of Ley lines in this location creates a strong pull, particularly to those who are awakened to spirit within and around them.

It was pleasantly amusing when a large Rook decided to accompany me on my walk – despite the fact I had nothing to feed him.  As a wild witch I am quite accustomed to birds joining me on my many forages in nature.

For those reading this blog who have not managed to explore my previous ramblings, I am a spiritualist and a wild witch. I enjoy drawing upon and basking in the energies of our great Mother Earth, I harness the healing property and great gifts She bestows upon us so freely, and I cherish and honour all forms of life.

My second visit to Stonehenge, (as once discovered it is most definitely a place that draws you back), was for the spring Solstice. The spring Solstice is a smaller event than the summer Solstice, but during each Solstice you are able to enter the circle.

The whole energy of Stonehenge was different that day. There was a feeling of vibrancy, celebration & peace. The people gathered were collectively broadcasting a beautiful energy, which of course was boosted by the very fact that they stood upon a powerful energy nexus.

There are many mysteries surrounding Stonehenge that, as aforementioned, remain unfathomable to archaeologist and historians alike.

IMG_2456 2First; the sheer age of the place. It was in existence just after the last ice age, when Britain was still physically joined to Europe. Before the stones, there was a wooden circle and preceding that it was just a henge, a circular mound carved into the Earth. How was it first discovered? Why was it first built? If the people were not guided by spirit to discover and harness the energies of the Earth, what were they guided by?

Secondly; the alignment of the stones. They run from north-east to south-west which reflect and highlight the important cycles of the Sun. During the summer Solstice, the sun rises behind the Heel Stone and the first rays shine into the heart of Stonehenge. This is in keeping with Paganism, Druidism and Earth-based faiths who celebrate and worship the energy of the Earth and surrounding planets. Truly proving this to be the remains of a marvellous temple indeed to worship in and give thanks for the abundance our beautiful Mother Earth freely showers upon us.

IMG_2454 2

Thirdly; the convergence of Ley lines and the concentration of energy at Stonehenge has led many to explore the potential that it is in fact one of ten alleged Stargates that can be found on our amazing Mother Earth. This of course, is all theory held by those who believe in the existence of such things, but let’s not forget that much of the knowledge held by our ancestors at a time devoid of technology and scientific discovery was often shrewdly accurate.

This leads me nicely to the fourth aspect of mysticism surrounding Stonehenge, another mystery or urban myth; the disappearance of five people during August 1971.

936827212There were a group of young people who decided to camp, drink and immerse themselves in the spirituality of Stonehenge. The story goes that they were having much fun and revelry around their campfire until approximately 2am, when things went very wrong.

A passing policeman witnessed an exceedingly bright, blue lightning-type of light hit Stonehenge and screams were heard. He went to investigate and help, with the aid of a local farmer who also witnessed the event, but upon arrival, discovered that the people had disappeared. The campfire had been extinguished and there was no sign of the revellers, only their scattered belongings remained. Could it be that they had inadvertently opened or triggered a Stargate portal? Could the lightning storm have triggered the opening? Or did they simply anger the Gods and bring about some seriously dire karma? There are many mysteries hidden in plain sight all around us, where science and rationality fail to surrender answers, we must inevitably turn to spirit for our revelations.

The difference between this story and other urban myths and legends is in the detail. The names of the five people are actually known, (Julia Ashton, Lucas Addams, Shay Wilson Jr, Daniel Wilson& Wilma Rupert). The diary of one of the revellers, (Daniel Wilson), was found nearby and can now be viewed online. I have added links for those who wish to explore further.

IMG_6488Whatever your beliefs or views, the compelling energy of Stonehenge, the vibrations in the ground, the strong spiritual presence, and the sheer magnitude of the age of this temple, combined, point most certainly towards Earth magick and the mysticism contained within.

There are so many inexplicable phenomena upon this great planet and ultimately we hold the choice of vision within our own hands.

IMG_3041 2Do you choose to perceive this great Mother Earth as just Earth, where all is coincidence and very much three dimensional? Or do you choose to open your third eye and see the beauty in synchronicity, the prospect of fourth, fifth & sixth dimensions in existence around us, hiding in plain sight? Secure in the knowledge that there are no coincidences, and the world is, in all essence, a truly magical place indeed!

For myself, there is no question, the latter view is a reality, and truly where all the fun and magick resides. Always remember, there is no exclusiveness with Earth energy & spirituality, she is freely available to all who seek her.

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.

As ever, in humility, I wish you peace & light my friends. 🙏🏽🌟ૐ )0(




The gift of calmness

Music: ‘Grief back to love’ (part one) by Jeremy Christopher, from the album ‘In defiance of the fading light’

There are many things in our lives that cause upset, anger and stress. Our families, our relationships, our work, even our leisure activities. We compete, we feel inadequate, we mistrust, we push ourselves too hard, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. To top it all, we feel guilty about the things we are not doing.  Not spending enough time with our family, not eating healthily, not exercising, not living up to the impossible standards that society dictates.

Sometimes we need to just stop, take a breath, then take another and maybe even sit down and give ourselves a break. After all, time spent doing nothing, if you enjoyed it, was not wasted time. We are not little mice that need to be on a tread wheel constantly, although we often think we should be. We are in fact sentient beings. We are spirit in a human body, therefore slowing down, calming down and quietening our minds, opens us up to reconnecting with our spirit, and ultimately will make us far more efficient in the long run.

Think about the last time you got angry, (we all do from time to time), now picture the exact same scenario except this time you remained calm…. The situation or argument would have played out very differently indeed wouldn’t it? In anger we become blinded and can often – quite literally – see red!

Simple-fun-with-inspire-even-the-most-hectic-life-28NovAllowing ourselves time to breathe, to just be in the moment, helps us to become centred, to become calmed, and in calmness we find clarity.

Unknown-3Having been a primary school teacher for many years, I have learnt that the only way to deal with aggression from children, parents, or other adults is to remain calm. Indeed I have mastered this skill so well that the more incensed a person becomes, the calmer I become. In doing so, it takes the wind out of their sails, (for it is nigh on impossible to argue with a person who refuses to meet like for like), whilst allowing me to see the situation as it truly is. To hear the pain behind the words. Having said this, it is far easier to remain calm when one is not emotionally involved, my own children know just how to push my buttons – on those extremely rare occasions 😉.

5b5bf0f50176416c51cfbe270d30c7e6Nowadays, after years of parenting, teaching and through many hours of meditation, I have mastered the art of remaining calm (in most situations – we are after all a work in progress) and it has improved the quality of my life sevenfold. It also opened my eyes to the reality of all my relationships & brought about reconnection on a profound level with my own spirit & my spirit guides.

In truth, learning to control the stress factors in our lives, to take hold of the steering wheel and leave the drama behind, or to slam on the brakes before the drama erupts, also has huge health implications. Stress is a very real trigger for many ailments, from headaches to IBS and anything else in between, learning to control what you allow to get under your skin is not just a spiritual issue. Remember, he who angers you controls you, and at any given moment you are capable of reclaiming that control. Being aware of this is half the battle.

I made this movie during my walks on the beach with my familiars and have repeated it quite deliberately, as I find it so calming and hope you will too.

I wish you much success in your endeavours to remain calm and reclaim your life and hope that you have taken some small pleasure from my ramblings. Thank you for reading it 🙂

Peace & light to you 🙏🏽🌟ૐ )0(

Easter, a lovely Pagan festival!


Easter is nearly upon us and what better time to celebrate the season of spring, fertility and longer lighter days? The season that is full of promise of a fruitful year to come; for this is the real meaning of Easter..

IMG_4084This blog is not meant to give offence to anyone. Any path is real and valid if it leads to enlightenment and greater meaning for that individual.

There are as many paths as there are people and no one path is better, greater or carries more gravitas than any other. For in the end we are spiritual beings – individually and collectively –  each on our own journey.  It is only important that we allow each other the respect and freedom to walk our own paths without judgement or hindrance.

The facts (not opinions) about Easter:

1. The date of Easter has always fluctuated, changing from year to year. This is entirely due to the factuality that Easter Sunday takes place on the first Sunday that falls on or after the vernal (spring) equinox. Wow, you might say, why on Earth would a Christian festival be based on the cycles of the Moon? Because it is actually a Pagan festival!

IMG_38562. The Romans sought to control the lands they conquered through unifying their religions and eradicating existing belief systems. In 325CE, the Council of Nicaea decided to hold Easter at this time. Was this significant for the existing Pagan faiths? Yes, of course it was, as the intention was to usurp all pagan holidays and make them Christian ones. This is not a slur on present day Christians, it is simply historically accurate.

IMG_38403. The very name of Easter is a derivative of the sun Goddess Eástre or Eostré, who was worshipped by the European pagan ancestors. She is the Goddess of growing light and of Spring, her holy days are celebrated on or around the Spring Equinox. The Goddess’ symbols are the hare and the egg. It is also loosely linked to the Babylonian and Assyrian Goddess, Ishtar (often pronounced Easter – the two words being homophones with different meanings).

4. Death of a son and rebirth are common themes that have occurred in various religions for tens of thousands of years. To be brief:

  • Dionysus, the son of an unfaithful Zeus and a mortal woman, was thrown to the Titans to be killed by the very jealous Hera (wife of Zeus). He was resurrected by his grandmother Rhea, and then became a symbol of new life after bringing his mother Semele back to life.
  • Ishtar, the Babylonian Goddess, was stripped naked and hung from a tree to die. She rose from the underworld.
  • Osiris was an ancient Egyptian god, the consort of Isis and father of Horus, and his legend has death, resurrection and also the theme of good overcoming evil.  The Eye of Horus is a common symbol of protection against evil, even to this day.

IMG_3841Within paganism, death and resurrection are thematic as life ebbs and flows in cycles. There are times for death, hibernation and dormancy.  Then seasons change, bringing new flowers, awakening sleeping trees and generally birthing new life in plants and animals alike. Life, Mother Earth, and everything she sustains is cyclical, as we ourselves, the sentient beings upon this great planet, are the same.

fedd3a4595587d48a31a7f03fbf15163So the real history behind Easter is fairly obvious, after all, what has eggs and bunnies to do with the death of Jesus? Well, pretty much nothing. It does however, have everything to do with the sabbat Ostara, the Goddess Eostre, the coming of spring, and the celebration of new life. That said, it is also a beautiful symbolism for Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

The drive to remove pagans from society by overtaking all of their sabbats with Christian ones has begun to come full circle, with greater tolerance now than there has been in a long time, increasing numbers of pagans are more openly happy to reclaim their festivals.

There are small pockets of insanity that still seek to persecute and deliberately misunderstand Paganism, (which is entirely peaceful and has never sought to retaliate against the vilifying and ostracising of their beliefs). Indeed our actions for many many generations speaks volumes.

IMG_3843Don’t forget that this is the case for most Christian celebrations, for example Christmas/Yule, Halloween/All Saints and May as the month of Mary/Beltane which is the beginning of Earth Mother’s rule.

Whichever spiritual path calls to you, however you choose to connect with your higher being, always remember that there is no one way, and there is no right way. There are as many paths as there are people. Ultimately tolerance is the only way forward.

In humility I wish you much joy on your journey to connect with spirit and awaken to enlightenment & understanding. 🙏🏽

Peace & light to you 🌟ૐ )0(

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IMG_1320 (1)Be guided by spirit. This is a phrase commonly used, but what does it mean?

Within each of us lies the key to our problems & the answers to most of our questions, however the real challenge we face is discovering this knowledge. Of course when I speak of problems, I mean deeper issues pertaining to your mind, body and soul, not material or superficial issues like being caught without matching undies 😳 or stresses at work, although don’t get me wrong, these are still pretty serious issues that can impact your life and levels of mortification!

quote-do-you-believe-in-reincarnation-i-was-wondering-why-some-connections-seem-so-easy-so-nora-roberts-120-61-22In all our life journeys, each and every one of us have accumulated knowledge, wisdom, and a vast amount of experience. There are things that we know yet do not know we know, (sounds convoluted right?). It is indeed both complicated and very simple.

We live busy lives and in this day and age we are driven more and more to have instant access to everything; instant streaming, instant gratification, instant information etc. all handed to us in a quick and easily decipherable manner. We have become impatient – I know for sure that I was a slave to this for a long time, that pinwheel on my iMac or the sand timer (for all you Microsofties out there), would drive me insane, queues and any other form of waiting annoyed me. What changed for me? Spirituality and above all else, meditation.

As a child I would spend endless hours outdoors playing with ladybirds and talking to the fairies at the bottom of my parents garden (or dressing up as a nurse 😉).
As an adult I retained my love of all things natural, being most at home in the arms of Mother Nature (although I have a somewhat different nurses outfit now 😳).

Some of us are naturally predisposed to connect with our spirit, to be brief; much depends on our personalities, upbringing and current state of affairs at any given point in our lifetime. For example, my own life has progressed in stages:

  • As a child I was naturally drawn to nature. I would spend endless hours lying in the garden watching ladybirds crawl over my hand, fascinated by the trees and the fairies that lived at the bottom of my parents garden.
  • As a teen I was a little wilder and consumed copious amounts of alcohol, however I still enjoyed stillness, solitude and being immersed in music – Guns and Roses & AC/DC were very soothing.
  • Motherhood brought endless amounts of love and fatigue into my life so stillness pretty much went out the window, along with my figure and my sanity 😂.
  • But everything in life is cyclical and now with my four daughters nearly all grown and having flown or preparing to fly the nest, I once again find myself taking time to bask in the arms of Mother nature, to meditate and to live a more mindful life.


This link is to a webpage called “An open letter to my abusive husband.” (

When I look back over my lifetime so far there is much comfort in knowing that there were no coincidences. Everything that has gone before me has been cumulative in creating the person I am today, if you take time to consider it, this is true for everyone. From being the disgraced 5th child of seven, in a strict Catholic family,who came home pregnant and dropped out of university; to being so young and caught in an abusive marriage; to bringing further disgrace when I filed for divorce and was locked in the house by a deranged husband who decided to smash up our family home, (I filed for an injunction to get him to leave); to finally going back to university to complete my teacher training, which I began with two young daughters and finished – with honours – with four. My life has been tough and joyful and magical and there is not one part of it that I would go back and change, for it created me. We all have our own challenges and demons to face, the key is not to let it consume you, and connecting with spirit is a sure fire way to walk through the flames, relatively unscathed, to discover that you have emerged as a stronger and wiser  version of you. I hope in some way to inspire any women (or men) in similar situations to stand strong, you are not alone and there is always a way out.


IMG_6488I once more hear and have reconnected with my spirit (although in truth I never really disconnected), and live a life assisted by my angels, spirit guides and ancestors. A life that is now filled with magick.

Meditation is the key: This is the simple part. Don’t worry about things like transcendental meditation, or images of Buddhist monks or any other concept in your mind that might make meditation feel inaccessible to you. Meditation is fundamentally about controlling your breathing and stilling your body and mind. So basically sit still and breathe. Anyone can do this! At first you may feel that you have to quiet or suppress your thoughts, this is a misconception, let the thoughts come and then let them go, as if you are observing your mind from the outside.

Visualisation: When things or people bother me, I visualise them floating away on a big black cloud, and as they float away I breathe deeply and slowly, focussing only on my body, my lungs and on releasing all the tension, (particular tense spots tend to be the jaw, neck, face, shoulders and sometimes your tummy – so pay close attention to these areas). Visualisation can also be positive; one really effective method that I use is to ‘earth’ my energies and draw positive energy through the earth into my body, visualising it as a golden light that flows into and fills me, healing and cleansing as it courses throughout.

Unknown-1Your mind is a powerful tool, and once you begin to harness it and become the master of your thoughts, instead of allowing your thoughts to rule you, you will find that many stresses ease or disappear from your life.

Finding time to still your mind and body, in the busy world we live in, is a true act of self love, for you are taking care of you. Once you begin to make small changes to your daily life, taking time to be still, this is when you allow yourself to connect and begin to hear spirit; the small wise voice that guides and advises us throughout all our incarnations.

I hope this has been in some small way beneficial to you and I thank you for the time taken to read any part of my ramblings.

Remember if you find yourself walking through flames, keep walking, safe in the knowledge that it will not consume you unless you allow it. We are all a work in progress.

In humility, I wish you peace & light in your darkest times my friends.ૐ 🙏🏽

Blessed Be )0(


Great connection no Wi-Fi required

IMG_5807 This piece of music is called Sienna Sky by Dan Gibson. You may like to listen to it whilst you read…

Many of us go in search of spirit. We embark on journeys of one form or another seeking more; in search of deeper meaning & greater understanding of our purpose here on this beautiful Mother Earth.

Can you find the tiny door in the photograph? This is the upright willow in my garden.

Our spirit is like a door before us. Hidden in plain sight, waiting and ready for those who care to reach for it.

We still our minds, and open our hearts, and suddenly find that all the foraging was unnecessary, for the door stood before us,  waiting patiently to be found.

The tiny intuitive voice of our soul sings to us each day, guiding our journey, a simple yet melodious tune, wanting only to create harmony within and all around us.

5b5bf0f50176416c51cfbe270d30c7e6Our days are so full, our minds cluttered with the incessant chatter of everyday life, that often we fail to hear because we do not listen. Take time, if you can, to be still, to meditate, to hear and connect to spirit, for once you discover the door it will remain forever opened to you, a small haven in our busy world, a quiet place where we may seek solace, recuperation and wisdom.

I’d love to hear about your own spiritual voyages and discoveries in the comments box below, for it is good to share our wisdom and help each other on our individual paths. Remember there is no one path and there is no right path, there is only your path & you alone can walk it.

I wish you much joy on your journey within.

Peace & light to you 🙏🏽ૐ )0(



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