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Great connection no Wi-Fi required

IMG_5807 This piece of music is called Sienna Sky by Dan Gibson. You may like to listen to it whilst you read…

Many of us go in search of spirit. We embark on journeys of one form or another seeking more; in search of deeper meaning & greater understanding of our purpose here on this beautiful Mother Earth.

Can you find the tiny door in the photograph? This is the upright willow in my garden.

Our spirit is like a door before us. Hidden in plain sight, waiting and ready for those who care to reach for it.

We still our minds, and open our hearts, and suddenly find that all the foraging was unnecessary, for the door stood before us, ย waiting patiently to be found.

The tiny intuitive voice of our soul sings to us each day, guiding our journey, a simple yet melodious tune, wanting only to create harmony within and all around us.

5b5bf0f50176416c51cfbe270d30c7e6Our days are so full, our minds cluttered with the incessant chatter of everyday life, that often we fail to hear because we do not listen. Take time, if you can, to be still, to meditate, to hear and connect to spirit, for once you discover the door it will remain forever opened to you, a small haven in our busy world, a quiet place where we may seek solace, recuperation and wisdom.

I’d love to hear about your own spiritual voyages and discoveries in the comments box below, for it is good to share our wisdom and help each other on our individual paths. Remember there is no one path and there is no right path, there is only your path & you alone can walk it.

I wish you much joy on your journey within.

Peace & light to you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝเซ )0(



2 thoughts on “Great connection no Wi-Fi required”

  1. This is so thought provoking. I am yet to find my path, but I shall try to still myself and seek it out. I agree that religion is the beliefs of others and I need to find my own. thanks for inspiring me!


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