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Stonehenge: Energy, Magick & Mysticism


IMG_3161There have been many spiritual questions about Stonehenge over the centuries, questions that archaeologists simply cannot find an answer to. They have dug up and discovered human remains, for it has for many thousands of years been used as a cemetery as well as a place of worship and ritual. The giant blue stones that were, allegedly, transported from the Preseli Hills in Wales have, according to legend, healing properties and therefore are a fitting way to mark a temple that was also used as a cemetery.

My latest blog explores the mystery and mysticism of Stonehenge, from the vast history of the site, which dates back nearly 10,000 years, to strange disappearances, Stargate theories and finally, my own spiritual experience of the site, first hand.

Stonehenge is, in all probability, the most important temple in Britain. It has an incredibly long history, with Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) posts being erected close to the site as far back as 8,500 BC.  Pottery pieces and artefacts, that have been recovered from excavations, date back to 4,000 BC.

IMG_2222The surrounding area was a natural provider of food and shelter which caused people to settle there. However it is important to note that there is no evidence of houses or villages ever having been built on the immediate surrounding  landscape, which is vast and openly visible upon approach from any direction. Why? What is it about this beautiful, powerful land that draws humans in droves to visit it, but historically repelled people from settling and actually building their homes in the area? Could it be that the strength and intensity of the energy contained within, combined with the sacredness of the land, naturally deterred people from inhabiting it?

A Henge by definition refers to earthwork from the Neolithic (New Stone Age) era. Stonehenge is an atypical henge, as the ditch is outside the main earth work, which further adds to the importance, mystery and uniqueness of the site.

Ley linesStonehenge is a quintessentially prime example of an ancient sacred site. It is positioned at the convergent point of no less than 14 Ley lines. Ley lines can be discovered by drawing lines from one ancient sacred site to another.  Many ancient sacred sites were usurped by the Christians and now have churches built on them, but regardless of the building or it’s purpose above ground, the energy within the ground remains the same.

IMG_2128My first visit to Stonehenge was in February this year. It was a typically cold and blustery British winter’s day. The energy of Stonehenge, as I approached, was palpable, and indeed as I neared the centre of the site and the circle of stones, I felt a distinct pressure on my chest and a sensation of feeling ‘charged’ – almost like feeling buzzed and full of energy. It was not a painful sensation, but it was rather intense.  I spent much time walking around in silent meditation whilst becoming comfortable with the sensations the spirits were bestowing upon me.

The second remarkable observation I made was that in certain places the ground felt – to me – almost warm, and I had the strangest desire to lie upon Mother Earth and soak up her energy. The convergence of Ley lines in this location creates a strong pull, particularly to those who are awakened to spirit within and around them.

It was pleasantly amusing when a large Rook decided to accompany me on my walk – despite the fact I had nothing to feed him.  As a wild witch I am quite accustomed to birds joining me on my many forages in nature.

For those reading this blog who have not managed to explore my previous ramblings, I am a spiritualist and a wild witch. I enjoy drawing upon and basking in the energies of our great Mother Earth, I harness the healing property and great gifts She bestows upon us so freely, and I cherish and honour all forms of life.

My second visit to Stonehenge, (as once discovered it is most definitely a place that draws you back), was for the spring Solstice. The spring Solstice is a smaller event than the summer Solstice, but during each Solstice you are able to enter the circle.

The whole energy of Stonehenge was different that day. There was a feeling of vibrancy, celebration & peace. The people gathered were collectively broadcasting a beautiful energy, which of course was boosted by the very fact that they stood upon a powerful energy nexus.

There are many mysteries surrounding Stonehenge that, as aforementioned, remain unfathomable to archaeologist and historians alike.

IMG_2456 2First; the sheer age of the place. It was in existence just after the last ice age, when Britain was still physically joined to Europe. Before the stones, there was a wooden circle and preceding that it was just a henge, a circular mound carved into the Earth. How was it first discovered? Why was it first built? If the people were not guided by spirit to discover and harness the energies of the Earth, what were they guided by?

Secondly; the alignment of the stones. They run from north-east to south-west which reflect and highlight the important cycles of the Sun. During the summer Solstice, the sun rises behind the Heel Stone and the first rays shine into the heart of Stonehenge. This is in keeping with Paganism, Druidism and Earth-based faiths who celebrate and worship the energy of the Earth and surrounding planets. Truly proving this to be the remains of a marvellous temple indeed to worship in and give thanks for the abundance our beautiful Mother Earth freely showers upon us.

IMG_2454 2

Thirdly; the convergence of Ley lines and the concentration of energy at Stonehenge has led many to explore the potential that it is in fact one of ten alleged Stargates that can be found on our amazing Mother Earth. This of course, is all theory held by those who believe in the existence of such things, but let’s not forget that much of the knowledge held by our ancestors at a time devoid of technology and scientific discovery was often shrewdly accurate.

This leads me nicely to the fourth aspect of mysticism surrounding Stonehenge, another mystery or urban myth; the disappearance of five people during August 1971.

936827212There were a group of young people who decided to camp, drink and immerse themselves in the spirituality of Stonehenge. The story goes that they were having much fun and revelry around their campfire until approximately 2am, when things went very wrong.

A passing policeman witnessed an exceedingly bright, blue lightning-type of light hit Stonehenge and screams were heard. He went to investigate and help, with the aid of a local farmer who also witnessed the event, but upon arrival, discovered that the people had disappeared. The campfire had been extinguished and there was no sign of the revellers, only their scattered belongings remained. Could it be that they had inadvertently opened or triggered a Stargate portal? Could the lightning storm have triggered the opening? Or did they simply anger the Gods and bring about some seriously dire karma? There are many mysteries hidden in plain sight all around us, where science and rationality fail to surrender answers, we must inevitably turn to spirit for our revelations.

The difference between this story and other urban myths and legends is in the detail. The names of the five people are actually known, (Julia Ashton, Lucas Addams, Shay Wilson Jr, Daniel Wilson& Wilma Rupert). The diary of one of the revellers, (Daniel Wilson), was found nearby and can now be viewed online. I have added links for those who wish to explore further.

IMG_6488Whatever your beliefs or views, the compelling energy of Stonehenge, the vibrations in the ground, the strong spiritual presence, and the sheer magnitude of the age of this temple, combined, point most certainly towards Earth magick and the mysticism contained within.

There are so many inexplicable phenomena upon this great planet and ultimately we hold the choice of vision within our own hands.

IMG_3041 2Do you choose to perceive this great Mother Earth as just Earth, where all is coincidence and very much three dimensional? Or do you choose to open your third eye and see the beauty in synchronicity, the prospect of fourth, fifth & sixth dimensions in existence around us, hiding in plain sight? Secure in the knowledge that there are no coincidences, and the world is, in all essence, a truly magical place indeed!

For myself, there is no question, the latter view is a reality, and truly where all the fun and magick resides. Always remember, there is no exclusiveness with Earth energy & spirituality, she is freely available to all who seek her.

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings.

As ever, in humility, I wish you peace & light my friends. 🙏🏽🌟ૐ )0(





Easter, a lovely Pagan festival!

Pagans have been celebrating this season of new life long before Christianity  ever existed.

Easter is nearly upon us and what better time to celebrate the season of spring, fertility and longer lighter days? The season that is full of promise of a fruitful year to come; for this is the real meaning of Easter…


IMG_4084This blog is not meant to give offence to anyone. Any path is real and valid if it leads to enlightenment and greater meaning for that individual.

There are as many paths as there are people and no one path is better, greater or carries more gravitas than any other. For in the end we are spiritual beings – individually and collectively –  each on our own journey.  It is only important that we allow each other the respect and freedom to walk our own paths without judgement or hindrance.

The facts (not opinions) about Easter:

1. The date of Easter has always fluctuated, changing from year to year. This is entirely due to the factuality that Easter Sunday takes place on the first Sunday that falls on or after the vernal (spring) equinox. Wow, you might say, why on Earth would a Christian festival be based on the cycles of the Moon? Because it is actually a Pagan festival!

IMG_38562. The Romans sought to control the lands they conquered through unifying their religions and eradicating existing belief systems. In 325CE, the Council of Nicaea decided to hold Easter at this time. Was this significant for the existing Pagan faiths? Yes, of course it was, as the intention was to usurp all pagan holidays and make them Christian ones. This is not a slur on present day Christians, it is simply historically accurate.

IMG_38403. The very name of Easter is a derivative of the sun Goddess Eástre or Eostré, who was worshipped by the European pagan ancestors. She is the Goddess of growing light and of Spring, her holy days are celebrated on or around the Spring Equinox. The Goddess’ symbols are the hare and the egg. It is also loosely linked to the Babylonian and Assyrian Goddess, Ishtar (often pronounced Easter – the two words being homophones with different meanings).

4. Death of a son and rebirth are common themes that have occurred in various religions for tens of thousands of years. To be brief:

  • Dionysus, the son of an unfaithful Zeus and a mortal woman, was thrown to the Titans to be killed by the very jealous Hera (wife of Zeus). He was resurrected by his grandmother Rhea, and then became a symbol of new life after bringing his mother Semele back to life.
  • Ishtar, the Babylonian Goddess, was stripped naked and hung from a tree to die. She rose from the underworld.
  • Osiris was an ancient Egyptian god, the consort of Isis and father of Horus, and his legend has death, resurrection and also the theme of good overcoming evil.  The Eye of Horus is a common symbol of protection against evil, even to this day.

IMG_3841Within paganism, death and resurrection are thematic as life ebbs and flows in cycles. There are times for death, hibernation and dormancy.  Then seasons change, bringing new flowers, awakening sleeping trees and generally birthing new life in plants and animals alike. Life, Mother Earth, and everything she sustains is cyclical, as we ourselves, the sentient beings upon this great planet, are the same.

fedd3a4595587d48a31a7f03fbf15163So the real history behind Easter is fairly obvious, after all, what has eggs and bunnies to do with the death of Jesus? Well, pretty much nothing. It does however, have everything to do with the sabbat Ostara, the Goddess Eostre, the coming of spring, and the celebration of new life. That said, it is also a beautiful symbolism for Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

The drive to remove pagans from society by overtaking all of their sabbats with Christian ones has begun to come full circle, with greater tolerance now than there has been in a long time, increasing numbers of pagans are more openly happy to reclaim their festivals.

There are small pockets of insanity that still seek to persecute and deliberately misunderstand Paganism, (which is entirely peaceful and has never sought to retaliate against the vilifying and ostracising of their beliefs). Indeed our actions for many many generations speaks volumes.

IMG_3843Don’t forget that this is the case for most Christian celebrations, for example Christmas/Yule, Halloween/All Saints and May as the month of Mary/Beltane which is the beginning of Earth Mother’s rule.

Whichever spiritual path calls to you, however you choose to connect with your higher being, always remember that there is no one way, and there is no right way. There are as many paths as there are people. Ultimately tolerance is the only way forward.

In humility I wish you much joy on your journey to connect with spirit and awaken to enlightenment & understanding. 🙏🏽

Peace & light to you 🌟ૐ )0(

Tantric – Sacred Sexuality – Maithuna

This weeks blog takes on a slightly different theme from my previous ones. Since I created this site I have had the link to Ancient Egyptian Sex Techniques on my page for anyone interested in exploring them. Today I’m throwing the whole thing in your face in an attempt at bringing to life ‘the unstruck chord’ 😘, so read, think and explore – responsibly!


IMG_5807The focus here, as always, is spirituality, for ultimately we are spirits having a human experience. As many of us awaken to our spirituality – and of course there are numerous paths that can lead to this awakening – we look to connect more with our higher being and hopefully find ourselves becoming more disconnected from the materialistic world we live in whilst learning to let go of stresses and focus on what really matters. Our sexuality when combined with spirit can quite literally be the greatest high of our lives.

First some quick definitions:

  • Tantric is a Sanskrit word which means to loom or weave and is Hindu and Buddhist in origin involving mantra, meditation and ritual.
  • Maithuna is Sanskrit and means the bringing of two things into one in union in a ritual act.
  • Kriya  means a completed action, like a spontaneous body movement that leads to a completed flow, a mature cleansing.

e83c317f2f85f7e2688f8a5466e9185eMaithuna can take place, as a union, purely on a spiritual or metaphysical level (non-penetrative), where you connect using your subtle bodies or spirit, and a transfer of energy occurs. You reach the ‘unstruck chord’  of your lover and your combined spirits dance to the rhythm of the music as your souls create true harmony. Most teachings refer to this experience as the couple incarnated, (with diminished egos), as the Goddess & God, (the female is Shakti and the male Shiva), and such a joining can bring about blissful sensations, waking your whole body in a truly life affirming way. In my personal experience through all my incarnations, there is only one person you can achieve this with in each lifetime and that person is most likely your soulmate. It is possible to achieve a deep spiritual connection with another, but before you experience the bliss there must first be a real and deep connection. Read on and you will understand why…

In order for Maithuna to take place in a physical way there needs to be a joining of spirit and flesh. Joining of the flesh without a connection of spirit is simply carnal. Don’t get me wrong, I do not write this from any seat of judgement. Ordinary sex may be just what you’re looking for, and in most western societies this is in fact the norm, however when the spirit and flesh combine, that is when you can truly explore the deeper tri-level pleasures of Maithuna.

sidebar Before I continue, let me just dispel some of the myths surrounding paganism and sexuality. Consenting adults acting responsibly may do as they will. I just want to be clear that being polyamorous is NOT a Pagan thing, it is a PEOPLE thing, a choice some may make. There are people from all walks of life who choose to have multiple or successive partners and that is their personal choice, however the methods I refer to here require a deeper spiritual connection with one partner where you bond emotionally, mentally and spiritually, reinforcing this link every day through aspects of your life together.

Many pagans are married or in committed relationships and the Handfasting ritual is indeed quite lovely and can last many years or many lifetimes. ‘All acts of love & pleasure are my rituals’ can be true for some pagans, where we invoke and connect spiritually with the Divine. However most sexual rituals (The Great Rite etc), are performed privately between a male and female or symbolically using an Atheme and a chalice. Don’t believe all the hype and misinformation out there about Pagans and orgies etc 🙄. (If you are new to paganism you should never feel obligated or coerced to take part in any ritual that you are not totally comfortable with).

586c33172d479b11a63f56e6a03e1af9I am a heterosexual woman, so I write from my own experience and knowledge. My youngest brother is homosexual and I adore him. The Native Americans refer, rather beautifully, to homosexual/bisexuals as ‘two spirits’. In their wisdom they accepted each human as they are. Those who were born ‘two spirits’ had the spirit of both the male and female within them, often giving rise to creatively gifted or wise humans who could understand both the male and the female perspective. two-spirit-people-meme

As you are probably aware I have a very mixed background, (I’ll leave out past incarnations for now), with influences of catholicism, paganism, witchcraft, voodoo and hinduism all tumbled together in tiny 5ft 1″ me. I view this purely as a gift to have first-hand knowledge and experience of so many paths. It also is the reason I write so passionately about individuality and walking your own path. It was inevitable that I would end up on this spiritual and magical journey, viewing all experiences as a gift or a learning experience. Our sexuality is one aspect of this.

The Ancient Egyptian methods of harnessing the energy of orgasm and channelling this energy back into your body is a great way to re-energise.unknown

The symbol of the Ankh, depicted here, is the key to redirecting this energy. To explain it in the simplest terms, during orgasm the energy that builds is released along the spine and through the top of your head towards the 7th chakra. As the energy builds, but just before it peaks, you need to focus and visualise the Ankh, (essentially the loop at the top), drawing the energy back in through your 4th chakra, the heart. This will slow the orgasm and prolong the whole experience. Initially it might be best to practise this on your own until you master the method of channelling your energy. You will know when you’ve managed the technique successfully as rather than feeling post coital sleepiness, you instead feel energised and raring to go!

With Maithuna, orgasm is only a pause in the whole meditation and not the aim. The focus of Maithuna is to join mind body and spirit until you see only the god or goddess before you wearing the features of your lover.

Loving couple, Mithuna, Eastern Ganga Dynasty, 13th Century Orissa, India

Maithuna is very much more of a meditative and spiritual experience that transcends time and physical being. Hence the reason why it can never be achieved in a casual sexual encounter. There should be no time limit. To explore this method you will need to set aside most of the day or a weekend entirely devoted to each other – on a regular basis!

It is a sacred act capable of elevating a couple to a higher level of spirituality. Trust is very important, so too is honesty  and equality. By equality I mean most women are slower to become aroused and therefore need to lead the dance or slow the dance where necessary. Missionary or other positions that place the male in the driving seat aren’t as effective, especially if you are new to these methods. main87

The most perfect position for Maithuna resembles the star of David. The male crossed legged and the woman on his legs with her legs wrapped around his waist. This gives equality and openness to connect physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually with each other, without dominance or ego.

flames_of_maithuna_by_child_of_gaeaThe entire ritual is a meditation and initially can take place several times and over several days with no genital penetration, only a spiritual joining that eventually leads quite naturally to joining of the flesh. Remember orgasm is never the primary goal here, just a pleasant interlude, which can be channelled and refocussed.  This method leads to an almost telepathic link between the lovers, through openness and honesty, therefore you need to have these things present in your relationship before you begin this ritual. Obviously, by partaking in the Maithuna ritual, it is unavoidable that you will deepen and strengthen the bond between you on all levels.

10846090_830270297035927_5582308195999724446_nThe meditation begins with a slow build up, bathing and massage is a common way to begin. Use candles, incense, rose petals, essential oils (sandalwood or jasmine are particularly lovely). Create a sacred space for you to be entirely together and focussed only on your lover. Maintain eye contact as much as possible, for they really are the windows to the soul. Touch is natural but unhurried. This is the key to the meditation, it cannot be rushed, let your mind settle, your spirits emerge.

Be together in the vibration (energy) not friction (physical). Bask in the sight, sound, scent and feel of your lover. Talk softly together.  You will naturally flow to the next stage when you are ready, forming the star of David. Even after physically joining, do not rush, just hold each other, knowing you are safe and together, be slow and still. You might part and eat or drink them come together once more. maithunaFocus on breathing and flow, like the waves as you peak and subside, seeing only the divine in each other. It becomes a meditation in reading each other and controlling yourself to please the other but in giving even more is received. Eventually giving and receiving becomes second nature, you lose awareness of whether the touch is being given or received as two truly become one in mind, body and spirit. The whole universe is contained within two that have become one.

This is how Maithuna is reached.

Thank you for reading my ramblings.

May you have many hours, days and weeks of pleasure throughout all your lifetimes together with your lover.

Peace & light to you 🙏🏽🌟ૐ )0(

Celebrating Differences

Live & let live. Be glad that we are not identical clones. Celebrate that we, together, make up a diverse and fascinating people living here on this beautiful planet, Mother Earth.

Peace & light to you )0( ૐ🌟☯


Spread the love – spread the word

My latest blog is a request. If you’re looking at this and I’m generating the tiniest tad of interest, or igniting a little spark of thought within your heart mind and soul, then I simply ask you to spread the word.

unknownWe are not humans having a spiritual experience, we are spirits having a human experience.

Wakening your spirit, opening that door and becoming truly aware of the world around you and this great Mother Earth, which is home to us all, is incredible. Whatever road you take, however you get there is not important. be36afa74b57934e3d5846a7b63fd748What truly matters is the journey and starting that journey because once you open yourself up and start questioning the world around you, you begin to see so much more. You also begin to let go of the many irrelevant things we in the western world have burdened ourselves with and in so doing, we release the stress and begin to see and know what truly matters in life.

IMG_7414When you write a blog – or write anything – the only thing you desire is more readers and subscribers so, as the title goes, spread the love & together we will awaken the warriors of the rainbow within us all.

Peace & light to you 🙏🏽🌟 )0( ૐ☯

Karma’s a bitch…I don’t think so

crazy-driversSo you’re driving home and someone cuts you up, you slam on your brakes, break a nail on the gear stick and yell curses at the inconsiderate piece of poop for ruining your journey home – and let’s not even mention your manicure.

The guy driving the other car (sorry people, I’m a woman, so it’s always got to be a guy in the other car right?😉) continues to weave in and out of traffic annoying everyone in his rush to get home.

So what about Karma? Why didn’t the guy have his journey ruined by another driver? Why is it that the inconsiderate drivers always seem to be fine? They jump queues, irritate others and manage to get away scott free. Or do they?

unknownContrary to popular belief, Karma is not a big revenge stick sent out to beat us for our wrong doings. Many would see Karma as judgemental or fatalistic, however each person’s individual Karmic future is entirely decided by their own actions in the present. We each accrue our own Karmic consequences. Karma is wider than one action causing a reaction and of course sometimes our intentions are subconscious. For example, if one seeks fame for fame’s sake the outcome is temporary or short lived, but if one has fame thrust upon them, unsought, merely as a result or by product, then it is unavoidable. The first choice accrues Karma and must be balanced, however the second is already balanced according to Hindu Karmic laws.

slide_5Hindu philosophy teaches that the Karma you accrue dictates your future incarnations and that your next lives will evolve or devolve depending on your actions in this life. In this life we must live according to Dharma. Dharma is the foundation of life or “that which holds the people of this world” and the root of Dharma is compassion.  

karma-cleanseReincarnation is a belief held by Hindus, Buddhists and a lot of Pagans. Funnily enough it was a generally accepted concept within Christianity until Emperor Constantine decided to  ban it from their teachings. There are still some references to reincarnation in the bible, for instance, when Jesus asks who the people think he is, the answer is, “Some say you are John the Baptist, others say Elijah; and still others say you are one of the prophets.” A direct reference to reincarnation. “Generations come and generations go, but the earth remains forever. The sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises. The wind blows to the south and turns to the north; round and round it goes, ever returning on it’s course. All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again…What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:4-9) Yet another reference to reincarnation, there are actually quite a few such references. Interesting right?


Karma is a much discussed and very popular idea. As a pagan it is everything, personal responsibility is key. There is no committing of sins and then going to confession to ask forgiveness, no no no. We carry the burdens of our own actions and choices with us. Within Paganism each movement will adhere to it’s own set of rules, however, the general principle of harming none and the Law of threefold tends to influence the decisions of most (but not all) Pagans, be they Wiccan, Witch or any other Pagan. Most Wiccan and some pagans also abide by the Wiccan Rede.

There are theories on various forms of Karma; individual, group, the karma of whole nations or even the entire planet. In a collective situation, for instance with extremists of any kind, we all have the ability to make individual choices such as, how about we don’t choose to massacre innocent women and children? Or kill defenceless human beings who are simply going about their business? Or we don’t choose to make money from the exploitation or mistreatment of fellow human beings or animals?

whatiskarma-zara-300x165You see even within the group or collective, we each have the gift of being able to choose our own thoughts and think for ourselves. But ultimately when we think of others first, if we pause, even for a second, to consider Karma or Dharma and show compassion for the black/Muslim/female/homosexual/poverty stricken person, perhaps we might make a different choice? This could consequently lead to a collective awakening and ultimately give rise to a world filled with compassionate people who choose to care for each other  and Mother Earth, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or sexual preferences.

images-1I actually don’t think this is a bad way to live your life. This world could do with a whole lot more compassion across all nations and walks of life, regardless of your race or religion.

crazy-drivers-2Therefore, personal beliefs aside, being aware of the implications of Karma is truly not a bad way to live your life. If we all stopped to consider the consequences of our intentional actions, would we make different choices? Would you intentionally choose to hurt someone if you knew your actions would generate its own karmic consequences? Would we still drive recklessly and risk the lives of everyone around you just to gain five minutes? Or make any other choice that would negatively impact others?

images-2If everyone in the world stopped to consider others before they proceeded on what could be a selfish path, how soon would we achieve a state of Nirvana on Earth? If the sentient beings behind Monsanto, or other such exploitative businesses, stopped to consider the health implications for human beings if they consume  antibiotics and other chemicals, all cleverly disguised as food, would they still choose to manufacture such harmful products? If people could pause to consider the devastation to eco-systems and the whole of Mother Earth, would they still needlessly destroy rainforests? Would we hunt and kill animals for the profit of selling body parts, fur or tusks? Or if we stopped to think about the devastation caused to marine life, would we still dump thousands of tons of toxic waste into our seas and oceans?
4ab7998cc866636443233a5481b3be3dLet’s try thinking individually and collectively for our fellow human beings, for animals and plant life. Let’s boost our collective Karma and compassionately make choices beneficial to all of humanity and this amazing Mother Earth that is home to  everyone.

Thank you for taking time to read my ramblings.

Peace & Light to you 🙏🏽🌟ૐ )0(

The Cello

IMG_5817 (1)This is my cello, I love it. If you consider my pictures, taken from various angles, for a moment and had to describe what you were seeing in each image, well your response would vary quite significantly depending on which photograph you are focussing on. Some of us may see the pegs, some may see the bridge or the strings or the beautiful lacquered wood, or just the neck, the shoulders, the ‘f’ holes, or the finger board. For you, this is the object you see, as this is your frame of reference, your interpretation.

Religion, culture, rituals, beliefs are all so wide and so varied, and yet there are so many strands of similitude. Therefore would it be so wide-reaching to consider the theory that we, the sentient beings upon this great Mother Earth, are in fact all seeing the same thing but from a different angle. Although our understanding, perception & focusses may vary, could it be possible that we fundamentally are in pursuit of the same thing?Could it possibly be that within our own frame of reference, our cultural differences, upbringing and so on, that we are all seeing the same thing from differing perspectives?

IMG_2600Of course the biggest problem here is that those who have strong faith and beliefs in whatever chosen religion they are involved in, are often the most closed to recognising the value of another person’s faith or spiritual journey.These religious organisations are predominantly based on indoctrination and dogma & often leave little room for individuality or self discovery. They generally see women as lesser beings and depend heavily on a male hierarchy. Such an imbalance can never result in true harmony, and only seeks to control those who are willing to subscribe to their movements – or are born into them.We all believe we are right.

How beautiful would this great Mother Earth be if we could leave behind ego, and move towards empathy. If we could say to one another; this is my path and whilst it may differ from yours it is of equal value, for to you it is real, just as to me, my path is real.

00e0723c0a5f2d2305eb1513355a6e5aIn contrast, the more spiritual based religious movements; Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and of course Paganism (this is not a definitive list😍), seem to be so much more inclusive, actively encouraging self-discovery and self-awareness.

One huge difference is the value that people traversing these paths place on all forms of life, both animal and plant based, and of course upon all humanity. Buddhist, Hindus and many pagans are vegetarian. For they value all life, whichever form it takes.

IMG_6488Their way, and indeed my way, is not a religion but a way of life that is prevalent in each moment, each hour, each day. Learning to accept and value one another and, of course, to value this wonderful planet which is our collective home is at the core.There is often much tolerance and the seeking of understanding and knowledge, never presuming to have all the answers. Don’t get me wrong, ultimately all humans have the potential to revert to ‘my way or the highway‘ occasionally, we are only human after all!

The world is a truly magical place, where thousands of great and small miracles occur everyday. We just need to open not only our eyes but our hearts and minds to witness these things.

IMG_2485For me, as a solitary Wild Witch and a Spiritualist, I feel a shift taking place upon Mother Earth – a movement away from indoctrination or dogma and towards spiritualism. More and more people are discovering the many benefits of meditation, and are discovering that the world is indeed a smaller place, where cultures can co-exist, can learn from, and can value, our differences as well as our similarities.

IMG_7414The Native Americans have an ancient prophecy: “When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from many colours, classes, creeds and who by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow” In many ways it seems this prophecy is taking seed and growing amongst humanity.

IMG_7283Of course, until we can all reach this form of Nirvana upon Mother Earth, one can only hope that more and more of us might try to embrace the idea of ‘My Cello’ – the same object seen from various viewpoints. Maybe through this way of thinking we might one day move away from a world where 84 year old priests are murdered in their own churches or where human beings behead other human beings for not believing in their indoctrination. One day we will master the art of paying it forward, and humankind will finally understand the implications of Karma.

Thank you for reading my ramblings. I hope in some small way they have given you food for thought. Until my next blog, I wish you peace and light in your lives.

🙏🏽ૐ Namaste 🌟)0(