The Sacral Chakra: Swadhishthana – Pleasure…

  This blog continues the theme of chakras with my focus being the Sacral chakra or what is commonly known as the sex chakra. It is our emotional and sensation-focussed pleasure centre. Located in our lower abdomen, between the pubic bone and the navel, it is the centre of intimacy, relationship and creativity. The colour… Continue reading The Sacral Chakra: Swadhishthana – Pleasure…

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The Root Chakra – Mulhadhara

When the root chakra is healthy you will feel grounded wherever you are or whatever you may be doing. You feel secure and rooted in the present and there is very little that can upset you in a fundamental way.  Your roots are strong.

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Stonehenge: Energy, Magick & Mysticism

Whatever your beliefs or views, the compelling energy of Stonehenge, the vibrations in the ground, the strong spiritual presence, and the sheer magnitude of the age of this temple, combined, point most certainly towards Earth magick and the mysticism contained within.